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Mission & Vision


Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts is a dual-mission high school dedicated to providing aspiring artists and scholars with an academically rigorous pre-college curriculum and a comprehensive, four-year pre-conservatory arts program.

Our mission is to provide an exemplary arts and academic educational experience to students who have a passion for the arts, are culturally and socioeconomically diverse and hail from across all of Los Angeles. Situated on Grand Avenue, we offer the highest caliber of arts-integrated education and the opportunity to access the rich cultural vibrancy of the Los Angeles arts community.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Respect others and celebrate diverse viewpoints
  • Actively participate in and improve our intellectual and artistic communities
  • Be globally aware citizens who engage in democratic processes
  • Exemplify academic integrity
  • Develop and value character such as respect, trust, kindness, mindfulness and fairness
  • Contribute to your college-bound, artistic, and career path
  • Be door-opening, supportive, open-minded, tolerant artistic scholars
  • Respect school site, artwork and performances
  • Actively contribute to a learning environment
  • Demonstrate effective conflict resolution
  • Develop rigorous academic language
  • Identify and respect different points of view using artistic expression
  • Use listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a responsible manner
Critical Thinking
  • Develop problem-solving skills and procedures to make informed decisions and create productive solutions
  • Use 21st-century skills responsibly
  • Develop and exhibit artistic and academic strengths, passion and discipline
  • Produce and demonstrate innovative expressions in all aspects of learning
  • Apply strategic problem-solving skills in a variety of settings