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Dance is a universal form of communication and expression. It reflects the values, traditions, thoughts, feelings and imaginings of societies, individuals, and cultures. Dance is the birthright of every human, and a celebration of humanity. People have danced since the dawn of time, and have passed down their dance traditions in both formal and informal ways. At Cortines, we believe that dance is an integral part of a students' education. As such, it is our goal to provide a rigorous, standards-based dance curriculum which allows our students to dance, create dances, observe and appreciate dance, and make connections to, with and through dance to the world around them and—ultimately—to themselves.
The dance department uses the California Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards to guide instruction. Grand Arts Dance Department requires all students to participate in a 4-year dance curriculum. Students are typically enrolled in approximately 2–3 dance courses per school year, depending on each student's A–G progress. Entering students are placed in courses based on skill levels.