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Providing an exceptional learning experience for our students during the pandemic brought our priorities and opportunities for growth into sharper focus and highlighted one of our greatest assets: the strength of the Los Angeles Unified community. Our families and communities are critical partners in preparing students to be ready for the world and in building a world that is ready for our students. We recognize the incredible knowledge, traditions, and resources these partners contribute, and we commit to strengthening these connections so that we may jointly create more opportunities for our youth. We must model for our students what collaboration and
respect for others looks like by creating transparent and empowered systems of engagement to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. 
To view LAUSD's Strategic Plan please see Files below.
Our Parent Center is a thriving school hub. The Parent Center serves as a meeting/working space for its many parent-directed volunteer services and projects; provides information about community and college events and resources; and hosts various parent classes taught by our staff as well as community/university representatives during both day and evening times. Visitors will find a welcoming room with spacious tables and chairs, 24 laptop computers, printers, projection equipment, and coffee. The Parent Center is located around the corner from the Library, next to the College Center and is open during school hours.
Click on the link to view our  Title Parent & Family Engagement Policy  and Parent-School Compact. You can also pick-up a hard copy in our Main Office.

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Grand Arts PTSA has its own page at this link.