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Please refer to Field Trips Required Documents pdf below
  • Complete and submit the field trip application through the iFieldTrip portal https://ifieldtrip.lausd.net
  • Provide an accurate funding line and number of passengers
  • Monitor the status of request in the iFieldTrip dashboard
  • Coordinate with the appropriate offices and school nurse to ensure timely field trip request approval
  • Receive a trip confirmation number
1. Teachers, be aware that the health questionnaire with the permission slips must be returned at least two weeks prior to the trip, and 3-4 weeks for overnight trips with large groups of students attending. 
2. Also important is that the roster in ifieldtrip matches the students actually attending the trip. Please keep in touch with with me at [email protected] if you anticipate the ifieldtrip roster changing at all. 
3. Below you will find the attached is the permission slip and the health questionnaire here for easy access.


Send an email and provide administration a 72-hour notice for approval
Visitor/s (names)
Hours of visit
Educational Purpose 
  • CC all administrators & Main Office Staff: Ms. Hoover, Ms. Marisela Jimenez, Ms. Nusrat Jahan, and Ms. Xochilt Jimenez so that they are aware to buzz in or let visitors into the garage
  • Ms. Christian usually approves, but in her absence any administrator may approve
  • Once approved, please create a Outlook Calendar Event with all admin and office staff.
  • Sign-in at the front desk/main office and receive a visitor’s badge. 
  • Be picked up by a Certificated Staff in the main office. 
  • Remain with CERTIFICATED PERSON at all times while on campus
  • Please know that Guest Speakers/Visitors
  • Are adult instructional guests, with no other campus business. 
  • Do not have permission to roam campus unaccompanied, they must be accompanied by CERTIFICATED person at all times and are expected to avoid interrupting instruction.
Please know that this form must be completed by all staff members requesting use of facilities:
Submit completed form to Mr. Rodriguez, Arts Coordinator (T-204) at least two full weeks prior to your event. 
  • The form will go through various signatures/calendar clearances 
  • A copy of this form (approved or not approved) will be placed in your box
  • Approved Activity Request will be placed on the online school calendar.  
Requests turned in after the two-week deadline may result in non-approval of your activity event. In addition, due to space, plant and administrative supervision, a request turned-in on time does not guarantee the event will be approved.
Download FORM below: Activity_Facilities Request Form 
Copies are also found in the Mailbox Room 
IF you have filled out and been approved for an "Activity/Facilities Request" and need to cancel, we kindly ask that you please notify the entire Administrative Team, Mr. Rodriguez (Arts Coordinator), Mr. Salvador (Plant) and Mr. O'Leary (IT) this way we may remove the event from the calendar as soon as possible.